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The NeXus-32 is our top of the line physiological monitoring, QEEG, biofeedback and neurofeedback system. It offers up to 24 channel QEEG functionality, 4 channels of electrophysiology (EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG or any combination) and 3 channels of peripheral parameters (e.g. skin conductance, heart rate, temperature, respiration and more). The NeXus-32 is equipped with an oximetry input that also allows for trigger interfacing. To learn more about the trigger interfacing functionality, please visit the NeXus Trigger Interface web page. Take a look at our NeXus Sensors and EEG Accessories to explore the full possibilities of the NeXus-32.

You can use the NeXus-32 in powerful multimodal research settings, but also as a versatile portable monitoring device. It is powered by batteries or through an AC power supply plug. It can communicate in real time with your computer wirelessly by using bluetooth technology, and it can also be connected to your computer using a fiber wire cable. You can also store your data on an SD flash card (up to 2 GB) for more than 8 hours of physiological ambulant data. In spite of its many capabilities, the NeXus-32 can easily be worn on a belt.

The NeXus-32 comes with the extremely flexible and user friendly BioTrace+ software, with free lifetime updates. It offers unmatched versatility for clinicians and power for researchers. The BioTrace+ software includes our easy to use point-and-click protocol suites that provide intuitive, stress-free guidance to putting the NeXus-32 to work for you.

The NeXus-32 set includes:

  • NeXus-32 recording device
  • BioTrace+ software, including Protocol Suites
  • Power supply
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • USB extender cable
  • Leather carrying case
  • Fiber wire cable
  • Fiber optic to USB interface
  • 6 AA size batteries

Protective carrying case




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