NeXus EXG Sensor TP

The NeXus EXG Sensor TP offers you two channels for touch proof (TP) connections electrodes . The sensor connects to a variety of different electrodes for different purposes. For EEG monitoring or Neurofeedback we offer the NeXus Minicap Electrodes
which are re-usable electrodes that can be used hundreds of times. You could also consider using electrodes from other manufacturers, like the well known cup electrodes for EEG. Besides EEG, the TP (2mm) connection can be used for different vaginal and rectal incontinence electrodes.

The NeXus EXG Sensor TP uses proprietary carbon technology combined with active noise cancellation technology. Instead of "hiding" noise and artifacts with the classic filter approach, we simply measure the external noise and substract it, resulting in cleaner signals and less artifacts.

Note: measuring electrophysiological signals always requires a ground. Therefore when using this sensor make sure to also use theEXG Ground TP NeXus.

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